Jorge GarcĂ­a Hinestrosa

Snowball Jumper

A screenshot of the game, which shows the title of the game and the player sprite in the left

This is a game a decided to make during the 2017 Christmas. I was at home and decided to spend some of my holidays time to make a game. But I was more interested on some kind of game jam just for the fun of it. So I didn't pay special attention to implementation details.

In order to focus, I decided to apply some rules to the development process:

  • Don't spend more than two days in the development
  • Don't use any game framework
  • Paint my own sprites and background
  • Pixels everywhere

It was a lot of fun to make. I only had my laptop and no image manipulation program so I had to make the sprites with a web application and using the touchpad because I didn't even have a mouse.

The goal of the game is to jump snowballs that comes horizontally from the right side of the viewport directly to the player. The player is located at the left side of the screen and he can only jumps. Easy, right?

I just had to ask my good friend Antonio to make the music and a couple of days later the game was completed!