Jorge GarcĂ­a Hinestrosa

Piece of Cheese

A snapshot of the website which shows a maze, a rat sprite and a cheese sprite at the end of the maze

I think this is the first game I made for the web. Maybe the first one I ever ~did~ finished.

I was working on a maze generator based on the Prim's algorithm and then I came up with the idea of creating a game based on mazes.

It's a very simple game where a random maze is generated every time and you can control a little rat to move through it. The goal is to reach the end of the maze and get a piece of cheese.

It was really fun to work on this since I always had interest on video games and how they are made. This was a good opportunity to learn more about collision detector, inputs handlers, spritesheets...

Remember to allow the web to play audio to enjoy the soundtrack that my friend Antonio made! At the time it was implemented I think there was no restriction to play audio without user interactions.