Jorge GarcĂ­a Hinestrosa

Messages From Another Place

A snapshot of the website, which shows a background that reminds to the Red Room from Twin Peaks and a tape recorder in the center of the viewport

This is one of my very first projects from when I started learning JavaScript and CSS.

I'm a huge Twin Peaks fan and I was so obsessed about it at the moment that I decided to create a webapp that had a Twin Peaks-ish atmosphere and let you play with Agent Cooper tape recorder. The backwards talking is one of the most iconic parts of the show so I came up with the idea of recording a message and listening to it backwards.

In the end, the part I enjoyed the most was the design part. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to create the tape recorder by CSS and keep it responsive. I'm still very satisfied with the final result.

And, of course, I also enjoyed putting easter eggs here and there.

The implementation is not fancy at all (jQuery FTW) but it's one of the projects I like the most because of the fun I had while I was working on it.